Yellow graphic; text reads, "The Mighty Mac(omb): Touring Macomb County's Mobile Exhibit Trailer."

Here’s a big perk of exhibit trailers: you can use them to reach consumers that don’t live near you. You get the benefits of a walkthrough, branded exhibit space. But you’re not tied down to a location; having a mobile exhibit trailer means you can go to urban and suburban consumers easily.

So it’s no wonder that several of our clients have asked us to build them an agriculture-themed exhibit trailer. They’re some of our most impressive projects. Not too long ago, we finished a trailer for the second-biggest farm bureau in Michigan, Macomb County Farm Bureau (MCFB). And since not all of you will be lucky enough to see it for yourselves, we’d like to offer an imaginary tour instead.

To maximize exhibit space, we built Macomb County’s ag trailer with pull-out panels on the sides. They fasten down while the trailer’s on the road, then lift to reveal outward-facing exhibits. When you walk up to the trailer, those exhibits are the first you’ll see.

A Walk Around the Exterior Displays

The left-hand face of the trailer hosts several displays about soil health. Farmers have to care about soil health, but so do consumers — they have yards and gardens, after all. So it’s a natural topic for farmers and consumers to connect over.

Artificial soil sample pulled out to show artificial soil and grass

Panels at the back of the display explain how both farmers and consumers have a role to play in protecting the local environment. Below, three cores of artificial soil show people the differences between types of soil. It also explains which types are best for growing crops. A touchscreen nearby talks about the nutrients in the soil (both macronutrients and micronutrients). Consumers can tap the chemical symbol of each nutrient to pull up facts about why they’re important for agriculture.

Walking around to the back of the trailer, you’ll see a tractor cab perched inside the trailer. You can climb in and sit in the tractor seat, then don a virtual reality headset to watch a soybean harvest in 360º. We shot the footage from the cab of a real tractor, so it’s a fully immersive experience. The VR station lets MCFB give a taste of farm work to consumers who might never be able to visit a farm in person.

Continuing around to the right side, the next window doubles as a display and photo op. Kids can stand inside the trailer and pretend to be vendors at a farmers market. Meanwhile, on the outside, a series of lift-up panels challenges people to identify whether something’s a fruit or vegetable.

Inside the Exhibit Trailer

Angled view of two panels describing careers in agriculture

The exhibits continue inside the trailer. Just past the window in the farmers market display, an info panel discusses the chores farmers do during each season of the year. Across from it, a magnetic display highlights healthy eating. The magnetic plate has slots for dairy, fruits, veggies, grains, and protein. People can swap out different magnets (each with a picture of a different food) to practice creating balanced, healthy meals.

Lastly, three panels introduce the incredible variety of jobs available within the ag industry. Macomb County wanted to show kids all the opportunities in the field — especially the ag jobs they might not think of immediately. The panels feature no less than sixty jobs, everything from surveyors to ag journalists.

So there you have it! An overview of everything packed into MCFB’s mobile exhibit trailer. And if you want more details about any of the individual exhibits, follow the links above. They’ll take you to the portfolio page for each one.