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Virtual Reality Tractor Experience
Angled view of virtual reality tractor experience, showing the attract screen and tractor seat

Many people never get the chance to sit in the cab of a large agricultural machine. Macomb County Farm Bureau wanted to give more consumers that experience, or at least something similar. So they asked us to create a section for their exhibit trailer that used virtual reality to simulate the experience of riding in a tractor.

We rode along with a soybean farmer and shot some 360˚ film from the driver’s seat during his soybean harvest. Then we edited it and programmed it to work with a VR headset. We built a mock “tractor” that included a real tractor seat for people to sit in while they experienced the VR tractor ride. And since the whole unit fits in Macomb County’s trailer, they can bring this immersive experience to people across their county who might never visit a farm in person.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Macomb County Farm Bureau.

  • 360˚ video
  • Virtual reality headset
  • Tractor seat
  • Light-up sign

Client: Macomb County Farm Bureau

Categories: Agricultural Exhibit, Demonstration, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Display

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