Miniature Corn Plant

  • Miniature model of a corn plant, showing both leaves and roots.
  • Angled view of mini corn plant model with dirt cut away to show roots.

Miniature Corn Plant



  • This corn plant isn’t a baby. It’s a young plant, yes, but its growth stage is more advanced than the model’s size alone suggests. We scaled it down from life-size in order to make the model more flexible for use at events. This mini plant, though, is much more portable than even the original ones. Because its case is less than two feet tall, it can fit into corners of boxes or cars on the way to events. Whether you plan to take it to a trade show, a fair, or a checkoff meeting, a realistic corn plant makes a noticeable tabletop display.
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  • Assembled Size: 7” x 20”
  • Boxed Size: Determined at time of shipping
  • Weight: Determined at time of shipping
  • Material: Polyester, fabric leaves, bamboo, plastic (tassel), and flexible plastic leaf collars
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