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Fruits vs. Vegetables Display
The Fruit vs. Vegetable Display, located in a larger display made to look like a farmers market stand.

“Is this a fruit or a vegetable?” It’s a popular brain teaser because the difference between fruits and vegetables can seem fuzzy. And most people have had the experience of finding out that a vegetable they love is really a fruit, or vice versa. The challenge of telling a fruit from a vegetable can be a fun way to get people thinking about their food.

For one station in their exhibit trailer, Macomb County Farm Bureau wanted a display playing off this fruits vs. vegetables puzzle. So our team created a series of lift-up panels with photos of produce, challenging people to guess whether the different foods are fruits or vegetables. When they lift up the doors to see the answer, they’ll also see a fun fact about the crop in question.

But flip-up panels aren’t the only interactive element in the Fruits vs. Vegetables Display. We also included a touch screen with extra fun facts about five fruits or vegetables. And the “farmers market” setup means this section can also function as a fun photo op. Kids get to stand inside the trailer and pose as vendors offering their produce for sale.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Macomb County Farm Bureau.

  • Flip-up panels
  • Touchscreen

Client: Macomb County Farm Bureau

Categories: Agricultural Display, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit

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