Promotional graphic for blog post reading: "Getting to know GMOs: Exploring the Standup GMO Display"

Remember a set of articles on our blog a while back, talking about the information in our standup GMO display? We do too. We shared details about the subjects this display covers, such as the reasons why GMOs are safer than some consumers believe, the benefits GMOs can have both for people and the environment, and the nitty-gritty of how to make a GMO.

It’s a lot of important information — things we want to spread the word about so consumers can make informed decisions and enjoy their food instead of worrying about it. In focusing on the content of our GMO display, though, we didn’t talk much about the display itself. And that needs to be remedied, because it’s actually pretty cool.

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Structuring the Standup Display

The display stands a little over five feet tall, making it accessible for both kids and adults. The informational text that sits front and center offers a general overview of the process involved in making genetically modified organisms. Alongside the text, a large graphic of corn overlaid with a cartoonish DNA strand connects the science of genetics with the image of an actual GMO cash crop.

The most engaging part is the five movable boxes stacked on top of each other. On two sides, each box has another graphic of a DNA strand, to demonstrate how scientists can swap out and rearrange the DNA strands to alter the corn’s genetic traits. On its other two sides, each box has some extra info about the uses of GMOs — the same sort of info we expanded on for our blog. And some of them just have fun facts. For example, did you know that genetic modification has allowed researchers to develop an apple that doesn’t brown as quickly as other varieties? Talk about catering to consumers’ preferences!

Full view of the standup GMO display, showing the front text panels and the rotating boxes on the left side
Makin’ it Easy

We designed the GMO display to be lightweight, so it’s easy to manage and transport. A hollow aluminum frame supports the front panel, which is made of a simple laminated plywood. Find yourself all thumbs when it comes to a toolkit? Well, no worries: this standup display doesn’t require any tools for assembly. The top is attached only with thumbscrews, making it easy to set up and disassemble. Once you’ve taken it apart, you can stack all the elements besides the boxes, allowing for easy storage.

Since we figured this display would appeal to kids, given its interactive turn-the-boxes feature, we made sure to cover the panel and boxes with a scuff-guard vinyl that helps them resist wear and tear. For another bonus, the vinyl is easy to wipe down and clean. That’s a lot of times we used the word “easy” in this section. Do you sense a theme?