Ag Myths vs. Facts Display

  • Front view of the Ag Myths vs. Facts Display, showing graphics and rotating boxes
  • Closeup of rotating boxes that present facts about agriculture
  • A woman spins one of the boxes on the Misconceptions about Agriculture display
  • Closeup showing two sides of a box discussing organic pesticides

Ag Myths vs. Facts Display


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This portable interactive display addresses common misconceptions about agriculture. Five rotating boxes offer myth-busting facts on topics such as GMOs, food labels, and sustainability. The display can be disassembled into smaller pieces, making it easier to transport.

Birch ply core with formica laminate and adhesive vinyl. Aluminum tube frame. Measures at 40 by 72 inches. Removable feet are 23 inches long.

Each product is made to order.

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How many times have you gotten questions like these:  “Isn’t raising beef really bad for the environment?” “Organic food doesn’t have any pesticides in it, right?” “Don’t GMOs cause allergies to food?”

We bet you’ve heard those questions (or others like them) plenty of times. There’s a lot of myths about agriculture out there. And a lot of misinformation — it’s really no wonder people get confused.

Many of our clients want to help boost their audience’s agricultural literacy. And that’s where the Ag Myths vs. Facts Display comes in. It highlights five common subjects of debate or confusion. Then, it offers two myth-busting questions and answers for each subject.

Exploring Common Misunderstandings about Agriculture

The front of the Ag Myths vs. Facts Display briefly explains the display’s purpose. But the real work happens on the rotating boxes on the left side of the display. Each side of the boxes features a myth about agriculture or facts debunking that myth. Consumers can read the myths, then spin the boxes to find the facts on the next side.

Box #1 talks about meat labels. It defines the term “no antibiotics” and explains why “raised without hormones” doesn’t mean much when that label appears on chicken or pork.

The next box discusses the thorny issue of GMOs, specifically their safety. Below it, Box #3 offers facts about sustainability in the beef industry. It talks about the water use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing beef — two areas consumers often ask about.

Box #4 discusses pesticides and how they relate to organic agriculture. The last box focuses on milk, giving info about lactose intolerance and raw milk.

The Ag Myths vs. Facts Display is nearly six feet tall, helping it stand out at educational events. But you can easily disassemble into smaller pieces for transport. Assembly is quick and easy. Also, we send full assembly instructions along with the display.

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