Careers in Ag Signs Promo

When the general population thinks of an agricultural worker, they probably think of a farmer with heavy boots and a flannel shirt driving a tractor. And very few people realize that the agricultural industry integrates a large variety of careers and skills. This is one message that the Genesee County Farm Bureau wanted to communicate, so it appeared inside a mobile display trailer that we made for them.

(You can view this agricultural exhibit on our custom products page.)

Misconception vs. Reality

The agricultural industry employs talented, intelligent, and well-trained people. And many of the career paths within the industry require specialized education. In order to take part in this massive industry, individuals can pursue a variety of careers anywhere from interior design to environmental economics. Other possible career areas include things like landscape architecture and agronomic sciences.

Despite popular belief, not everyone in agriculture works on a farm. Rather, even the individuals in ag-related jobs who don’t actually walk the fields all unite to support farms and their farmers. Together, they enable these farmers to have the upmost success in producing high-quality food to feed a growing world.

Using Signs to Tell the Truth

For the “Careers in Modern Ag” sign series, we used high-quality graphics and sign materials to communicate this message. This sign series appears inside a mobile display trailer, the Genesee County “Ag on the Move” trailer. Fresh and modern, these signs present visitors with informational text outlining the variety of careers available to people within modern agriculture. Also, colorful images offset the text and help visitors visualize these careers in practice. (For more on this mobile trailer exhibit, read our post about the “Ag on the Move” project.)

If you’re interested in creating a sign series about career opportunities within the agricultural industry or another ag-related topic, contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas and help you make your own display.