Field Corn Photo Op

  • Standup display about field corn, with graphics showing a dry corncob
  • Nine flip-up panels with trivia questions on the field corn standup

Field Corn Photo Op


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The Field Corn Standup introduces consumers to the most widely-grown type of corn in the U.S. Flip-up panels display questions and answers about field corn and its uses. A face slot lets the display double as a corny photo op.

PVC board core with custom printed vinyl. Aluminum tube frame. Measures about 77 inches tall by 27 inches wide. Weighs under 35 pounds.

Each product is made to order.

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Juicy sweet corn has to be one of the best parts of summer. But as you probably know, sweet corn accounts for only 1% of the corn grown in the United States. Field corn, that less-juicy, less-tasty-looking cousin of sweet corn, makes up the rest of it. And that’s the type of corn which is the star of the Field Corn Standup display.

Field corn is undoubtedly less familiar to consumers than sweet corn. Which doesn’t seem fair, given how many food products and industrial products rely on field corn. So it’s worth helping consumers learn about this type of corn too.

Highlighting the Overlooked Field Corn

The Field Corn Standup features oversized graphics of a ripe field corn cob. That way, people who may not recognize field corn can see right away how it’s different from sweet corn.

In addition to showing what field corn looks like, the display quizzes visitors about their corn knowledge. Each standup features nine panels with trivia questions about field corn and its uses. Visitors can find the answer to intriguing questions like, “Who are the biggest buyers of American field corn?” by lifting the panels and reading the answers underneath. (In case you didn’t know: the biggest buyers are America’s livestock farmers, looking for high-quality animal feed.)

But this isn’t the only way visitors can engage with the standup. There’s a hole cut out above the flip-up panels, turning the Field Corn Standup into a two-for-one — a display and a photo op. Folks can smile through the face slot for a fun, corn-y picture.

The standup disassembles into two body pieces and two stand pieces, allowing for hassle-free transportation. It’s also easy and quick to assemble. You only need the provided thumbscrews and sliding pieces — no tools necessary! That makes this display an excellent choice for fairs, trade shows, school visits, and other events.

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