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``Careers in Ag`` Sign Series
Careers in Ag Sign Series 01

When most people think of an agricultural worker, they probably think of a farmer with heavy boots and a flannel shirt driving a tractor. But there’s actually a lot more to ag workers than this. In truth, the agricultural industry integrates a large variety of careers and skills both on and beyond the farm itself.

This “Careers in Ag” sign series is one of the interior attractions of the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s mobile ag trailer. The sings introduce the variety of careers within modern agriculture. We made the signs with fresh and modern materials. Colorful images offset the text, helping visitors to visualize these careers in practice.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s “Ag On the Move” trailer.

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Client: Genesee County Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Careers, Agricultural Display, Exhibit Trailer, Farm Bureau Display, Sign Series

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