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Ag on the Move: The Mobile Farm Exhibit Trailer


Ever wonder how to reconnect consumers with the agricultural industry? We found a way for a Michigan farm bureau to bring agriculture right to consumers. In fact, this farm bureau can pretty much bring modern ag right to the doorsteps of consumers—or, rather, right to their driveways. And all it took was a mobile farm exhibit trailer.

Mobile Trailer Post Promo(You can view this agricultural exhibit on our custom products page.)


The Farming Disconnect

Only about 1% of the U.S. population actually work as farmers. This means that 99% of the population doesn’t have immediate access to the everyday activities that take place on farms. And yet this 99% still eats an average of three meals a day. They all need food, and that food comes from farms.

Because of their disconnect from the farm, however, the majority of consumers know very little about food production. Many are totally ignorant of the processes that enable them to eat every day. As a result, they lack the clear perspective necessary to help make wise policy decisions in agricultural matters.

Well-informed consumers, however, have the potential to become some of the best advocates for the agricultural industry in the culture at large.

With a mobile farm exhibit trailer created by the team at Exhibit Farm, the Genesee County Farm Bureau has been able to bring agriculture to people in that 99%. The trailer has allowed them to take steps in informing the nation’s consumers.


Agriculture on Wheels

This clever “Modern Ag on the Move” mobile farm exhibit trailer has been easily integrated as an educational tool at fairs, festivals, and other community events. The trailer features colorful graphics and informational displays. Its games and interactive materials engage visitors and give them a taste of United States agriculture. As visitors explore both the interior and exterior of this trailer unit, they learn about a variety of agricultural topics. They get to delve into state agriculture facts and read about the highly technological and scientific skills that go into becoming a farmer. A sign series in the trailer also presents them with some of the career opportunities within the agricultural industry.

While other exhibits require visitors to come to them, this innovative mobile exhibit can be brought directly to the visitors, making it easily accessible to just about any community. Transportation of this trailer unit is as straightforward as any average trailer. In addition, setup is quick and simple.

We hope that our creative and innovative products, like this fun mobile exhibit, will continue to help build connections between farmers and consumers. We want our work to help consumers become well-informed partners of the agricultural industry.