Yellow graphic. Text reads, "Weaving Together Some Facts: Educational Displays about Cotton."

Cotton might not be the first crop that comes to mind when you picture a farm. But guess what? It’s America’s #4 row crop in terms of value. Given that, it’s really not surprising that several of our clients have asked us for educational displays to share facts about cotton.

Each of these displays does something a little different. Check out the cotton displays we’ve already developed, and see if they give you ideas for an exhibit of your own!

A Quiz about Cotton

Side view of cotton trivia game on a table

What language does the word “cotton” come from? How many cottonballs can you make from one bale of cotton? How long does it take a cotton wipe to biodegrade?

Could you answer those questions? Well, you’d learn the answers if you played this trivia game!

(Ok, ok: we won’t keep you in suspense. The word “cotton” comes from Arabic. You can make 680,000 cottonballs from one bale of cotton. And cotton wipes biodegrade in just one month.)

Fun questions like these are what this cotton-themed trivia game is all about. We threw in facts about what you can make from cotton, the history of cotton, how cotton plants grow, cotton industry statistics, and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the subject or a cotton farmer yourself, we bet there’s a question in there that can stump you.

But there’s also plenty of easy questions so kids can enjoy it too. We designed the game for classroom field trips, after all. Two kids can play against each other, learning about cotton and winning bragging rights at the same time.

Meet the Cotton Plant

Closeup of square on artificial cotton plant

But sometimes, you need an educational display that’s less entertaining. The realistic cotton plant we crafted is perfect for that role. Our craftsmen meticulously recreated all the essential parts of a cotton plant. The details are so accurate, you might even get cotton farmers to do a double take!

The model shows a cotton plant in its bloom stage, before the bolls have started to form. But the leaves, flowers, and squares are all represented.

This kind of cotton display is perfect for industry events. Trade shows, checkoff meetings, extension field days — any occasion where you want to impress your fellow professionals with a lifelike display. It’s also great for helping consumers get familiar with the plant behind their blue jeans.

Displays about Cotton Uses

And speaking of showing consumers the connection between farm fields and clothes, that’s where this last display really shines. Its four sections cover the whole life cycle of cotton, from the sprouting seed to the finished towels and clothes.

Your visitors can spin the wheel to see the plant’s growth from seedling, to mature plant, to dry boll-covered stalks. Finally, they’ll see a collage of cotton products — clothes, of course, but also unexpected products like coffee filters. It memorably shows how many uses cotton has (and of course, it’s still barely scratching the surface).

So, see any educational displays you could use to talk about cotton? Or have an idea for a display we haven’t built yet? Let us know! Creating new displays is one of the most fun parts of our job. And we think it’s high time for America’s #4 row crop to get some more attention.