Renewable Fuels Display

  • Standup display about renewable fuels; shaped like a gas pump
  • Hand lifting a flip-up door on the renewable fuels standup to show answer to trivia question
  • Nine flip-up panels, showing the trivia questions about renewable fuels

Renewable Fuels Display


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This standup display features facts about ethanol, biodiesel, and the renewable fuels industry. It also provides visitors with a fun photo op.

PVC board core with custom printed vinyl. Aluminum tube frame. Measures at 31 inches wide by 71 inches tall. Weighs under 35 pounds.

Each product is made to order.

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Renewable fuels — biodiesel and ethanol, specifically — are major parts of the corn and soybean economy. And renewable fuels are one of the most direct connections (besides food) between consumers and agriculture. So we created this standup display to share facts about renewable fuels with consumers.

About 40% of America’s corn goes to make ethanol.  Meanwhile, the amount of soybean oil used to make biodiesel continues to rise. Despite that, few consumers think of fuel as an agricultural product. But that just means you have a great opportunity to explain one way that agriculture affects more than just food.

We designed the renewable fuels display in the shape of a fuel pump. Each one includes nine flip-up panels with Q&A statements about ethanol, biodiesel, and how they’re produced. Visitors can challenge themselves with questions like “How much ethanol does America produce?” Then, they can lift the panels to find answers underneath.

Like all our displays, the questions and answers are fully customizable. That means you can emphasize whatever facts about renewable fuels you want to emphasize. For example, since we made the display in the pictures for North Dakota’s corn checkoff, several panels include trivia specifically about North Dakota.

The face slot above the flip-up panels offers a bonus feature. Folks looking for a photo to remember their day can stand behind the display and smile for a quick picture. It’s a great way to get photos for social media and encourage your audience to share your message with their friends.

Some Technical Specs

Speaking of sharing, we expect that you’ll want to take this display to a variety of events. Have no fear! Despite its attention-getting height, we engineered the renewable fuels display with portability in mind.

The standup disassembles into two body pieces and two stand pieces, letting you transport it easily. Assembly is quick and easy too; all you’ll need are the provided thumbscrews and sliding pieces. No tools necessary!

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