Brown graphic; text reads "trivia for every table: customizable ag trivia games"

“Comes complete with dancing pigs, a catchy tune, and some funky sound effects. No assembly required.” What on earth could that describe? One of Exhibit Farm’s customizable ag trivia games — adapted for the Indiana Pork Producers Association, in this case. You could say that, when we designed this display unit, we definitely went whole hog. (Or pig, rather.)

(You can view several different customized versions of these agricultural displays in our online catalog.)

Why Trivia Games? Why Dancing Pigs?

For truth-in-advertising purposes, we should note that we don’t send free livestock with our games. The dancing pigs are (or can be) part of the fun animated graphics that accompany the trivia questions. They’re no less cute for being digital, though. And since we designed these trivia games for maximum visual appeal, they’ll still catch plenty of eyes.

Any teacher can tell you that quizzes are a great way to help people learn and remember facts. When you’re at a fair or another ag-related event, though, you can’t just order passerby to take a quiz. They can always decide they don’t want to participate. That’s where the game comes in — it automatically makes your info more appealing. Who doesn’t like a little competition?

Every sector of the ag industry wants to help educate consumers. That’s why we developed these as customizable ag trivia games. No matter what your area of expertise is, you can adapt these trivia games to your needs. We even created a version that tests people’s knowledge of American farming as a whole, just for the ag groups that aren’t about a particular commodity.

What’s in the Game?

Using an Excel spreadsheet stored on the unit’s memory card, the folks who purchase the game can create their own trivia. This means that the ag trivia games really are infinitely customizable — you can add questions about pork, dairy, or whatever commodity your group supports. We’ve already created trivia games for soybeans and dry beans, for example.

One of the customizable ag trivia games, focusing on pork trivia

Even if they don’t have the dancing pigs, these gaming units are perfect for testing consumers’ agricultural knowledge. When a game starts, the program randomly shuffles through the agricultural trivia questions as consumers battle to select the right answers first. They can select their answers by hitting one of the three bright buttons on their respective sides. The first one with ten correct answers wins.

The game’s compact size makes it easier to transport and store. And with customizable graphics to match your customizable ag trivia, you can easily add your organization’s logo or some cute cartoon versions of your chosen commodity. Once that catches someone’s attention, players can crush the competition with their superior knowledge, or learn some new agriculture trivia (as the case may be). Whichever way a game goes, it’s a win-win for you.