VR Headset Display Station

  • Display station for a VR headset with graphics showing how to wear it
  • A woman demonstrates how to put on the VR headset
  • A woman standing next to the display station and wearing the VR headset

VR Headset Display Station


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Attract people to your virtual reality farm tour. These display stations hold a VR headset and feature bright graphics to catch visitors’ eyes.

Birch plywood core with acrylic sign and printed graphics. Measures at 26 by 35 inches. Weighs approximately 15 lbs.

Each product is made to order

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Several clients have asked us to build stations for VR displays within exhibit trailers before. And those work well, but they do have one drawback: they take up a lot of space. This tabletop display station for a VR headset solves that problem.

Virtual reality farm tours have become an exciting option in the past couple years. Ag education groups of all kinds — farm bureaus, checkoffs, Ag in the Classroom chapters — have experimented with using a VR tour to enhance their consumer outreach programs.

Virtual reality lets you give consumers a glimpse of farming, sometimes in ways that wouldn’t be possible in person. Pig farmers, for instance, usually can’t follow dairy farmers’ example by offering tours of their barns. Biosecurity measures prevent bringing large groups of people into their facilities. But plenty of ag literacy organizations have created 360-degree VR tours of pig barns. That way, consumers can see behind the scenes of farming, without having to actually be there.

There are dozens of possible uses for VR in agriculture education. So it only makes sense to try to bring VR tours to the widest audience possible. And that means making your VR station portable, so you can easily take it to events.

Boosting Portability and Visibility

We developed this VR headset station for a farm bureau who wanted a more engaging display. They already had an ag-themed VR tour, so they just needed a way to show it off. A special display station would help catch people’s attention.

Since our client planned to use their VR tours at a number of events, we made sure the display station would be easy to transport. Not only is it lightweight, but assembling it doesn’t require any tools. A hook on the front of the display station holds the VR headset in place until a visitor wants to take a look.

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