Tabletop Pork Trivia Game

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Tabletop Pork Trivia Game


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This tabletop trivia game, featuring bright animation and crisp graphics, is the perfect tool for teaching pork trivia in a fun and engaging way. Content and design can be fully customized to fit your group’s personal preferences.

This design also comes in a variety of other themes, including dairy, soybeans, cotton, and dry beans. You can order a custom design that matches your industry by contacting us at

Birch ply core with formica laminate and custom printed vinyl. Light-up buttons, speaker, and sound effects included. Measures at 21.5 by 25.5 by 23 inches. Weighs 50 pounds total. Includes a 19 inch industrial monitor and a solid state CPU drive.

Each product is made to order.

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Ready to test your knowledge of pork?  This tabletop trivia game is the perfect tool for teaching pork trivia in a fun and engaging way.

We’ve brought these games to several events, and they’re great at catching passerby’s attention.  Many people can’t resist pausing to take a closer look or play a round.

Trivia questions related to pigs and the pork industry flash up on the screen.  We built the game for two players to battle against one another to select the correct answer first. The players can select their answers by hitting one of the three bright buttons on their sides. The first one to get to ten right answers wins.

The questions cover things about pig farming, such as what pigs eat or why farmers use farrowing stalls.  Other questions focus on the consumer side of things.  For instance, one asks, “What percentage of consumers serve ham regularly?”  (Can you guess?  The answer is: 55% of consumers!)  The questions are easy enough for kids, but not too simple for adults to learn from.

The Technical Details

We give you, the administrator, the ability to edit and change the questions on your trivia game. You can do so by removing the memory card from the game and slipping it into your computer. Then simply open up the file and enter your corrections. All this requires is a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

The unit uses a 19-inch industrial monitor and a solid state CPU drive. The compact size of the pork trivia game means it fits easily on top of a table.  It also makes it easy to store and take to events.

If you’re interested in highlighting a different commodity, check out our other customizable trivia games.  We’ve built versions for other livestock and several row crops too!

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