Pork Chop with Medium Marbling

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Pork Chop with Medium Marbling



  • Indulge in the culinary marvel of our artificial pork chop replica, meticulously crafted to replicate the succulence and flavor of the finest pork cuts. This exquisite model features a perfect balance of tender meat and delicate marbling, creating a visual and gastronomic masterpiece. Ideal for culinary presentations and educational demonstrations, our artificial pork chop is versatile and lifelike for any occasion.
  • Each product is made to order
  • Shipping not included in listed price
  • Send files to info@exhibitfarm.com


  • Assembled Size: 2.625” x 4.75”
  • Boxed Size: Determined at time of shipping
  • Weight: Determined at time of shipping
  • Material: Molded silicone
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