Yellow promo graphic reading "Standing Up for Farmers: The Modern Ag Worker Display"

Ever heard the saying, ”If it ain’t broke, don‘t fix it“? It‘s a handy reminder that if something works, there‘s no problem with using it again.

Similarly, we’ve wound up repurposing several of our products. They might begin life as a one-off custom project, but then they get added to our catalog because they’re just so useful. The Modern Ag Worker display is one of those products. It was originally developed for the Genesee County Farm Bureau’s exhibit trailer, but we decided to make a standalone version so other ag groups can spread its message too.

(You can view this agricultural exhibit in our catalog.)

Presenting the Facts

If you work in the ag industry yourself, you’ve probably come across some misconceptions about your job. Since people have been farming since prehistory, it can be easy to think it’s an old-fashioned, perhaps even backwards, occupation. That’s simply not true, though — being a successful farmer often takes advanced education. Agritech, or using equipment like drones and smartphones to improve crop yields or reduce fertilizer consumption, is on the rise. And, as we’ve talked about before, many ag workers have a foot in two industries. Biosystems engineering, construction, and even interior design can all become part of the ag industry.

Knowing these facts yourself is one thing, but getting them out to the public is another. One obvious solution is to have ag workers meet consumers and explain themselves how they run their businesses. After all, who knows better than them? But, unfortunately, it’s simply not practical to have actual farmers present at every event an ag group hosts. That’s where this display about modern ag workers comes in.

Foldup panel on the Modern Ag Worker standup display, showing info about the education ag workers need
Dispelling the Stereotypes

No, our standup display doesn’t involve real live farmers, but it does have life-size photos of them. Consumers can stand face-to-face with images of modern ag workers and gain a new appreciation for the depth of training and knowledge they need.

To learn, visitors lift the strategically-located panels and read up on what happens inside the heads, hands, and hearts of these indispensable workers. For example, lifting the panel over one ag worker’s chest reveals info about farmers’ heart for conservation. Lifting the panel over another’s hands leads to details about the tools (such as drones) those hands might hold. The information digs into the education of ag workers, the technology they use, and the ways they collect and use data.

When so many consumers aren’t involved in the ag industry, any way to create a connection to ag workers helps. And this standup combines the appeal of an interactive display with the power of life-size photos (similar to the standups we made to humanize a farm bureau). It’s the kind of product whose usefulness doesn’t wear out. If it ain’t broke…(oh, wait…)