Local Agricultural Commodities Display

  • Front view of the Local Agricultural Commodities display, showing video screen and magnetic map
  • Back view of the Local Agricultural Commodities display, showing timeline of local ag history
  • Hand placing magnet with graphic of a honeybee onto magnetic map

Local Agricultural Commodities Display


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This multimedia display shares videos with facts about the agricultural commodities produced in a given region. The back side features a timeline of the history of agriculture in the area. Displays are fully customizable and can highlight a specific county or a whole state.

PVC board core with custom-printed vinyl. Aluminum tube frame. Birch ply base with electrical wiring inside. Measures 72 inches tall by 46 inches wide; base is 20 inches deep.

Each product is made to order.

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From sea to shining sea, America has some incredible geographic diversity. And with that variety comes a wide variety of ag commodities in each region. If you want to highlight the specialties of your particular region, you’re in luck — that’s exactly what we created the Local Agricultural Commodities Display for.

We originally designed this display for the Missouri Department of Ag, so it covered the whole state. But it could cover smaller areas (like a county) just as easily.

The MO Department of Ag uses the display in their Missouri Grown program, promoting locally-produced food. It also makes a good choice for fairs and other educational events. We’ve even taken one to trade shows and seen firsthand how it attracts people who are curious about their local area’s ag industry.

Engaging Consumers with Different Learning Styles

The Local Agricultural Commodities Display includes three different ways of presenting facts. The monitor on the front plays informational videos for the visual learners. The magnetic map above the monitor appeals to tactile learners. And the fact panel on the back suits people who learn best by reading.

The top half of each display features a map of the region in question. Fifteen magnets with graphics representing different agricultural commodities come with it. They let people mark where each commodity is produced (or just have fun moving the magnets around).

Eight of the commodities represented by the magnets get extra attention from the video monitor. It plays short videos with facts about each commodity when visitors press the corresponding button. If you already have videos you want to use, this is the perfect place for them! But if not, don’t worry — we can also produce custom videos for you in-house.

Lastly, the back of the display features a timeline of noteworthy events related to agriculture in your region.  Whether they’re noteworthy for the ag industry as a whole or just noteworthy for your area, this is the spot for your ag heritage to shine.

The Local Agricultural Commodities Display catches eyes easily, thanks to its imposing 6-foot height. Because the monitor sits relatively low, though, it’s still accessible to kids. And since it appeals to so many learning styles, it’s bound to attract a wide variety of ages and interests.

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