Soybean Nutrient Deficiency Plant

  • Artificial Soybean Plant in Display Case (part of soybean nutrient deficiency models)
  • Artificial Nitrogen Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Phosphorus Deficient Soybeans (part of soybean nutrient deficiency model)
  • Artificial Potassium Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Magnesium Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Sulfur Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Calcium Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Boron Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Manganese Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Iron Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Copper Deficient Soybeans
  • Artificial Zinc Deficient Soybean Leaves
  • Artificial Healthy Soybeans

Soybean Nutrient Deficiency Plant



  • The soybean plant model product cones in three different varieties. The first option displays the characteristics of a normal, healthy plant. The other two plants show the primary nutrient deficiencies that appear in soybeans. One shows the macronutrient deficiencies, while the other displays the micronutrient deficiencies. We sculpt and paint each of the leaves on the soybean nutrient deficiency models by hand.
  • We enclose the plant models in a removable clear plastic case that attaches to a base with thumbscrews. When the case is in place, you can easily transport the lightweight display using the handle at the top of the case.
  • Each product is made to order
  • All prices are estimates and could change based on complexity of model
  • Shipping is not included in listed price
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  • Assembled Size: 15,5” x 24”
  • Boxed Size: 39” x 18” x 18”
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Material: Fabric leaves, pose-able wire, and brass tubing base.
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