Artificial Sugarbeet

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  • Sugar Beet Models

Artificial Sugarbeet


*Shipping not included in listed price.

Sculpted and painted in-house, these realistic sugarbeet models represent average-sized sugarbeets.

Expanding polyfoam. Hand-painted. Measures at approximately 9 inches long by 18 inches in circumference at the thickest part. Weighs about 8.6 ounces.

Listed price is per item.

Each product is made to order.

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Want something that will catch the eyes of customers at your next trade show or fair?  These life-sized and realistic sugarbeet models will do just the trick.  When we’ve taken them to events, they never fail to draw attention.  Sometimes, people have even asked if they’re real!

Farmers recognize the sugarbeet models immediately.  But for consumers, sugarbeets are much less familiar.  That makes these lifelike models a great tool for introducing them.

You can easily throw the sugarbeet models in a bag and carry them around, since they’re made of durable foam. They’re the perfect, lightweight addition to an agricultural display. Since they do their best work when they’re right in your customers’ hands, they don’t require a case. Use this visual aid to teach consumers about the little-recognized plant behind the sugar they consume every day.

To see what other plant models we offer besides the models of sugarbeets, check out the artificial plant product category in our catalog.

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