It just so happens that a giant corn cob can be lots of fun. All it takes is a little bit of electromagnetics. Introducing our corny corn kernel game featured in the AgroLiquid IQhub.

Orange graphic. Text reads, "Picking Kernels: A Corny Corn Kernel Game."

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The Psychology of “Hands-on”

Kids’ sections of exhibits are all about hands-on activities. And even research shows that hands-on is the way to go. This is because we’re more likely to remember activities if they activate multiple parts of our brains. We even know from our own observations that exhibits that require the mental and physical interaction of visitors will stick in their memories. This means that, if you really want to give your visitors a memorable time, give them something to do.

How the Corn Kernel Game Works

We wanted to maximize on this fact. So we engineered one particularly fun hands-on game for the kids’ section AgroLiquid’s IQhub. The exhibit unit combines simple electromagnetics and fabulous foam kernels with a count-down timer to make an exciting and challenging interactive game.

The object of the game is for the visitor to fill the magnetic slots on the empty cob with as many kernels as he can before time runs out. The large corn kernel replicas are made of foam. A magnet at the end of each kernel attaches to the magnetic slots on the cob.

Each column of slots on the cob has space for seven corn kernels, which is a total of 35 slots. The individual kernels will all fit snugly together if and when the competitor successfully fills the cob. When time is up, the magnets on the cob will let go and all of the kernels will drop into the lower bin. The monitor that displays the countdown will also display the visitor’s final score.

This fun and goofy game gives kids and adults alike a chance to race against time and their fellow competitors to see who can get the most kernels on the cob before time runs out.

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