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``Picking Kernels`` Interactive Corn Game
Child Playing Corn Game 02

It just so happens that a giant corn cob can be lots of fun.

Using simple electromagnetics, foam corn kernels, and a count-down timer, we created a special interactive corn game unit for the Kids’ Korner of AgroLiquid’s IQhub.

The object of the game is for the visitors to fill the magnetic slots on the empty cob with as many kernels as they can before time runs out. The large corn kernel replicas are made of foam. They each have a magnet at the end that attaches to the cob. When time is up, the magnets on the cob let go, and all the kernels drop into the lower bin. A monitor displays the player’s final score.

This fun and goofy game is for both kids and adults alike. It gives friends a chance to race against time and each other to see who can get the most kernels on the cob before time runs out.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for AgroLiquid’s IQhub.

  • Foam corn kernel models with magnets
  • Corn cartoon with magnetic slots
  • Timer start button
  • Cartoon farmer and instructions
  • Monitor displaying time and score

Client: AgroLiquid

Categories: Child Exhibit, Interactive Exhibit, Learning Games

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