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Specialty Equipment: An Orchard Sprayer Exhibit


Specialty Equipment PromoSince specialty crops such as fruit crops are distinct from field crops, they come with their own special fertilization programs and machinery. But unfortunately, not many of the people who love their fruit actually know about this fancy equipment. So we found a way to showcase a vintage John Deere machine in this orchard sprayer exhibit for AgroLiquid.

(You can view this agricultural exhibit on our custom products page.)


Behind the Scenes of Orchard Fertilization

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service’s report, apples surpass bananas as the most popular fresh fruit among American consumers. It also says that apple juice ranks as the second most consumed juice after the ever-popular orange juice.

These stats tell us that our nation loves apples. And yet, hardly anyone pays attention to the processes involved in apple production. They don’t know about the work that goes into keeping apple trees healthy for harvest. But the farming community understands all the work and care it requires. They see all of the money that goes into purchasing the special equipment necessary to carry out the fertilization of specialty crops. Tractor companies like John Deere also invest lots of time and money in engineering the right kinds of machines for the farmers.


Bring the Orchard Inside

AgroLiquid’s IQhub needed a space where they could show off some such specialty equipment. So we put together an orchard sprayer exhibit that displays some vintage John Deere machinery once used to fertilize orchards.

The central items in this exhibit were a 1967 John Deere 2020 Orchard Tractor and a 1967 John Deere Model 80 Orchard Sprayer. The tractor sits on fake turf next to two sculpted apple trees. From the branches hang detailed replica apples, simulating the atmosphere of an actual orchard. At the tractor’s wheel sits a mannequin, dressed as a farmer in classic blue jeans and a collared shirt. The display is enclosed by a white picket fence.