It’s almost the week of August 13–14, which means the Exhibit Farm team is gearing up for the 2019 AgroExpo! As you might guess from the name, that’s an expo for farmers and ag groups, specifically focused on demonstrating the latest ag technology and helping farmers find the tools to maximize their productivity. It’s held in St Johns, Michigan, practically in our backyard, so of course we’ll be there to show off some of our favorite educational products.

If you’ll be there, we’ll be set up at Booth #15 and we’d love to see you. For those of you who can’t make it, though, we’ve pulled together some snapshots of the cool things we’ll be taking. Enjoy this sneak peek at our booth!

Corn Countertop Closeup

Sure, we could have gone with a plain glass-topped counter. Or we could have filled the countertop with metal shavings under the glass — we’ve done it before and it does look cool. But we really want our counter to stand out, and to remind everybody that we work for ag groups. So how to do that? Fill the countertop with dried corn, of course.

Exhibit Farm Display Crate

These crates were really useful when we visited the Commodity Classic back in February, so we’re bringing them back for a repeat performance. With their distressed logo and their weathered-wood appearance, they add quite the rustic flair to our booth (besides being handy for displaying things).

Lifelike Corn Plant Model

It wouldn’t be an Exhibit Farm booth without some of our artificial plants. We might have some soybeans at various growth stages, or perhaps some nutrient-deficient corn. Maybe we’ll bring our ever-popular sugarbeet models. Who knows, we might even have a few soybean earrings tucked away somewhere!

Exhibit Farm PanelPACKs

Our PanelPACK tower, combining two PanelPACK units into one eye-catching archway, is a trade show standby. PanelPACKs usually display ag facts and trivia, but these two highlight some of our favorite past projects, like the Haber Process Display or the Mobile Ag Exhibit Trailer. The TV in the middle plays a selection of videos from our YouTube channel, just to give some info about the educational tools we won’t have room for this time.

Now, a pop quiz:  what were those numbers we mentioned earlier, all the way back at the top of the page?

If you guessed August 13 and 14, Booth #15, you got it right. Hope to see you at the AgroExpo!