Healthy Artificial Corncobs

  • Six artificial corncob models in a ring, showing three different types of corn
  • Hand holding one artificial corncob
  • Artificial sweet corncob product photo
  • Artificial popcorn corncob product photo
  • Artificial field corncob product photo

Healthy Artificial Corncobs


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Sculpted and painted in-house, these lightweight corncob models show the differences between three different types of corn. Their realistic details show the unique traits of field corn, sweet corn, and popcorn. You can order just one type or any combination of the three.

Hardened plastic. Hand-painted. Size varies slightly: Sweet corn model is 8 inches long by 1.75 inches in diameter, while field corn model is slightly larger and popcorn model is slightly smaller. Weighs about 6 ounces.

Price is per corncob; sets of three can be ordered for $195 total. Each product is made to order.

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Want something that will catch the eyes of customers at your next trade show or fair? These life-sized artificial corncob models are proven to do just that.

We like to keep the corncob models on our engagement table at the front of our booths. The lifelike details of the corn kernels have a way of catching people’s attention. Several times, people have stopped just to ask us if they’re real!

You can easily use this visual aid to show consumers what an ear of corn looks like. You can also use them to introduce the differences between different types of corn.

Since we make them out of a durable plastic, the corncobs models aren’t fragile. You can simply throw them in a bag and carry them around. They’re an easy, lightweight addition to an agricultural display.

Educational Uses for Corncob Models

But trade shows and fairs aren’t the only place artificial corncob models come in handy. We originally developed them for the educational programs that North Dakota’s corn checkoff runs at elementary schools. North Dakota Corn’s presentations involve letting the kids hold ears of corn so they can feel the differences between different varieties.

Unfortunately, traveling from hand to hand often damages real corncobs by the time they make it around an entire classroom. It was an effective teaching tool, but it made too much mess to be convenient. So, North Dakota Corn asked us to make some realistic artificial corncobs that still had plenty of lifelike detail.

By using our corncob models, North Dakota Corn can still explain the different kinds of corn. But now, the hands-on activity is less work. The kids don’t get messy and the volunteers don’t have to do as much cleanup.

Whether you’re talking to kids, adult consumers, farmers, or business contacts, the lifelike corncob models make a big impression. They give people a hands-on, tangible connection to a major agricultural commodity.

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