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Meet an Ag Educator! Roxi McCormick, Colorado Farm Bureau

Orange graphic. Text reads, "Meet an ag educator! Roxi McCormick, Chair of Colorado Farm Bureau's Women's Leadership Committee."

As anybody involved in a Farm Bureau chapter can testify, volunteers are the heartbeat of the…


Preparing New Plant Pathologists: Two Replicas of Soybean Diseases

Bare branches and withered leaves on a lifelike replica of a soybean plant with sudden death syndrome.

When students study medicine, they eventually get to work with real patients. But when you’re training…


Meet an Ag Educator! Andrew Friskop, North Dakota State University

Brown graphic. Text reads, "Meet an Ag Educator! Andrew Friskop, Plant Pathologist at North Dakota State University."

Last month, we talked with an ag educator who works with both consumers and producers. But…


Fun (and Facts) at the Fair: Ag Education at State Fairs

3 teenagers interact with a standup display for ag education at a state fair.

Reality check: can your ag education programs compete against baby animals, roller coasters, and cotton candy…


Meet an Ag Educator! Joelle Neff, Allen County Soil & Water Conservation District

Yellow graphic. Text reads, "Meet an Ag Educator: Joelle Neff, Watershed Project Manager at Allen County SWCD."

Not all ag educators work with consumers, of course. Some of them focus on providing info…


Spotlighting New Solutions: Hands-On Product Demos for Agribusinesses

A man standing in front of Ag Leader's planting technology display about to slide the panels open

One of the coolest parts of our job is working with agribusinesses launching new products. There’s…


Meet an Ag Educator! Ali Cantrell, Alabama Beef

Orange graphic. Text reads, "Meet an Ag Educator: Ali Cantrell, Director of Education & Outreach at Alabama Beef."

Livestock checkoffs have some unique challenges when it comes to ag education. Like field crop checkoffs,…


Rooted in Reality: Realistic Cover Crop Replicas

Six lifelike artificial plants representing different types of cover crops

We bet you’ve heard people talking about cover crops recently. Between the buzz around carbon markets…


Engaging Educational Environments: Exhibit Tents for Outdoor Education

Several displays for agriculture education inside an exhibit tent

It may still be cold in many parts of the U.S. right now, but spring and…


Meet an Ag Educator! Tracy Miskelly, SC Ag in the Classroom

Teal graphic. Text reads, "Meet an Ag Educator: Tracy Miskelly, Director of South Carolina Ag in the Classroom."

You knew we’d mention Ag in the Classroom (AITC) at some point in this series of…