Honey Display

  • Tombstone-shaped display about honey with graphics of a beehive and cartoon bee.
  • Gray flip-up Q&A panels on the tabletop honey display.

Honey Display


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With its beehive shape and cute bee graphics, this tabletop display invites consumers to learn about honey and honeybees. The flip-up doors hide the answers to nine fun trivia questions. Visitors can quiz themselves, then lift the door to check their guess.

PVC board core with vinyl graphics. Display measures approximately 32″ tall by 31″ wide. Weighs approximately 10 lbs.

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Most of our clients ask us for displays about major commodities — corn, soybeans, dairy, and so on. But sometimes, they want displays about a specialty crop. That’s where this tabletop display about honey came from, for instance.

Originally, we made the display for North Dakota Farm Bureau. North Dakota produces more honey than any other state, so of course NDFB wanted to highlight that. But they also wanted to help people learn about honey in general.

People don’t necessarily think of honey when they think of farms or agricultural products. But in fact, the United States’ honey production is worth almost $300 million. That may not sound like much compared to the value of those major commodities we mentioned, but it’s far from trivial. Moreover, honeybees are vital pollinators for dozens of crops.

And there’s a lot consumers can do to create bee-friendly habitats in their yards. When consumers support bee colonies, that helps the bees. And that means the bees can help farmers provide enough food for consumers. Virtuous cycles at their finest!

So you see, there’s plenty of reasons why consumers should learn about bees and honey.

Sharing Facts about Honey

We crafted a tabletop display shaped like a beehive — the perfect visual for talking about honey!  Its graphics include a cute cartoon bee as well, making it appealing to kids. And with its portable size, you can easily take it to just about any classroom.

Nine flip-up panels on the front of the display invite people to discover facts about honey and honeybees.  People can take a guess at the questions, then lift the panels to find the answer underneath. By hiding the answer, the display harnesses people’s natural curiousity and makes them want to learn the answer. Plus, the display’s interactive features make it that much more engaging and memorable.

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