Yellow graphic; text reads "The World of Soy: A Soybean Standup and Photo Op"

We don’t know what your soybean fields look like, but we bet you’ve never had a soybean plant with a face before. If you’ve always secretly wanted a soybean with a face, look no further, because that’s exactly what this soybean standup display gives you. It can even be your own lovely face.

Of course, the soybean standup has some other uses too. The opportunity to see a soybean with a face is just a fun perk.

(You can see more photos of this standup display in our portfolio.)

Designing the Soybean Standup Display

The Kentucky Soybean Board ordered this display as a way of promoting their favorite bean plant to consumers at fairs and other events. After all, soybeans have thousands of uses, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows the ways it touches everyday life. Introducing people to the world of soy takes creativity sometimes.

Our soybean standup starts with a simple, colorful illustration of a soybean plant. Showing everything from the purple flowers to the soybean pods, it’s both accurate and visually appealing. Once the illustration catches someone’s eye, the question across the top — “So you think you know soy?” — reels them in and nudges them towards the nine Q&A panels below. Those panels quiz visitors with soybean trivia covering everything from GMOs to biodiesel. They can find the answers to those intriguing questions by lifting the panels and reading the text underneath.

Meanwhile, folks looking for a fun photo (to preserve their discovery of a soybean with a face, of course) can hide behind the standup and smile through the face slots.

Full-length shot of Soybean Standup Display
Portable? Check. Easy to Use? Double Check.

Since the Kentucky Soybean Board planned to use the soybean standup display at a variety of events, we knew portability needed to be a priority. We designed it to disassemble easily, just like our other standups. The body comes apart into two pieces and the stabilizing feet can be stacked flat on top of it, making the whole thing easy to break down and transport.

Moreover, the display’s designed to be lightweight. Not lightweight in content, of course, but in literal weight. That way, it’s even easier to transport and set up.

Now, if you wanted to dig into the technical details of what real live soybean plants look like (as opposed to cartoony soybean plants with faces), we have some options for that too. But a standup like this is a great choice for sharing a few facts in a fun, low-key way. What’s not to like about silly photos? Especially when they come with a side helping of soy trivia.