Soybean Life Cycle Display

  • Angled view of the wall-mount Soybean Life Cycle display
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Soybean Life Cycle Display


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This wall-mount display is equipped with brightly colored, crisp graphics and an internal steering mechanism. By rotating the wheel, folks can observe images of a soybean’s life cycle as it moves from seed to product.

Birch ply core with formica laminate and adhesive vinyl. Real steering wheel. Measures at 27 by 35 inches. The display can be mounted on the wall to accommodate any height.

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Have you heard of the circle of life? Well, we like to call the soybean life cycle display “the circle of soybeans.”

The wheel attaches to a circular panel with graphics showing soybeans at different stages of growth and use. By rotating this wheel, folks can observe the life cycle of a soybean as it moves from seed to product. Equipped with brightly colored, crisp graphics, this interactive display is sure to capture the eyes and the minds of consumers. We’ve constructed it of birch plywood panels with laminated fronts and mounted UV graphics on it. The display also contains an internal steering mechanism to allow the interactive wheel to function.

Although designed to mount on a wall, the soybean life cycle display is a compact product and can be relocated to alternative sites.

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