Milk Bottle Display Promo, showing three of the standup dairy displays in a line

As a representative for the dairy industry down south, the Dairy Alliance does a lot of teaching about dairy. To help their team present information, they wanted a fleet of displays for multiple fairs and events strewn through several southern states. So they ordered not one, not three, but five milk bottle standups to share dairy facts with the consumers in those states.

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Going Retro with Dairy Education

Remember those retro glass milk bottles that you see in photos from the 20th century? The ones that the milk man used to deliver to the front door when your grandparents were still kiddos? The Dairy Alliance wanted to bring these retro bottles back and integrate them into their education efforts. So they ordered a set of human-sized standups featuring a large cartoonish graphic of these classic milk bottles.

Besides being a pleasing sky-blue color and borrowing the old-fashioned vibe of those vintage bottles, these standups are just as practical as their glass predecessors. (In a different way, though.) Each standup bottle is loaded with educational facts about the dairy industry. Through a collection of nine magnetic panels, the one-sided display quizzes users with questions about cows and milk. When lifted, the panels reveal the answers hidden underneath.

The display encourages visitor interaction in several ways. Besides the trivia questions, there’s also the little hole just above the first row of questions. Folks looking for a cheesy photo can step behind the standup and smile through this face slot for a quick picture. Since the display is six feet tall, even most adults can fit comfortably behind it.

The Technical Specs

These questions and answers, by the way, are fully customizable. We’ve got a store of dairy trivia on hand, but we know that different audiences have different levels of dairy knowledge. The kinds of questions that might stump general consumers wouldn’t be as intriguing to someone who works in the dairy industry. So, if a commodity group decides their audience needs some tougher questions, they can send us their own trivia and we’ll put it on the display instead.

Three standup milk bottle displays, used for teaching about dairy products

We designed the standups to be taken to ag events, so they needed to be portable. Fortunately, by using a hollow aluminum frame, we were able to keep the total weight under 35 pounds. And the whole thing comes apart into four mostly-flat pieces, making it easy to tuck into a car.

Clearly, the standups are bigger than the glass bottles that inspired them, and unfortunately you can’t use them to hold delicious dairy beverages. But these ”bottles“ are certainly superior when it comes to teaching about dairy, catching eyes, and commanding attention. Being six feet tall will do that for you.