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Milk Bottle Stand-ups
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As a representative for the dairy industry down south, the Dairy Alliance wanted a fleet of displays for multiple fairs and events strewn throughout several southern states. So they ordered not one, not three, but five milk bottle standups to share in those states.

In addition to promoting the Dairy Alliance logo, this standup quizzes visitors with dairy trivia on nine different panels. They can find the answer to these intriguing questions by lifting the panels and reading the text underneath.

Meanwhile, folks looking for a cheesy photo can hide behind the standup and smile through the face slot for a quick picture.

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Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Dairy Alliance.

  • Sintra boards
  • Lifting panels
  • Photo op standup

Client: The Dairy Alliance

Categories: Agricultural Display, Interactive Exhibit, Portable Exhibit

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