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Recommended Resource: GMOs in a Nutshell (A Kurzgesagt Video about GMOs)


On Monday, we told you some of the facts about GM foods. And today, we’d like to point you to an awesome resource that will help you delve deeper into the facts and history behind genetically modified organisms. Hopefully this resource will play some part in bringing agricultural literacy back to your community. Introducing a fun little video about GMOs from the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt. 


Summary of “Are GMOs Good or Bad?”

In this nifty little video about GMOs, the team at the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel discusses “the facts, the fears, and the future of GMOs.” And they do it all within nine minutes, using sharp and simple animations to keep the viewer visually interested. They split the video into five parts.

The first part asks the question, “What is natural?” In this section, the narrator discusses the similarities and differences between genetic engineering and the widely trusted method of selective breeding. In the next section, called “Are GMOs bad?” he looks at and respond to the primary objections to GMOs. The third section reviews the benefits of GMOs. Here, they review actual examples of GMOs that have helped make agriculture safer and better. Next, in a section titled “The Future,” the narrator talks about the ways that GMOs can promote sustainability in agriculture. To conclude the video, they offer a brief summary of the ways GMOs can help the world.

When you view the video, be sure to also check out the sources they provide in the description. These sources offer additional information about the stuff they discuss in the video. Plus they back up the statements that show up in the video. A lot of the information talked about in this video helped the team here at Exhibit Farm as we compiled the content for this GMO display.