Wheat Display

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Wheat Display


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This lightweight and portable tabletop display offers some trivia about the wheat industry. Visitors spin the wheel to uncover new facts.  You can order the Tabletop Wheat Display in single-sided or double-sided versions.

PVC board core with custom printed vinyl. Measures about 24 inches wide by 22.5 inches tall. Display is 1 inch thick. Rotating stand pieces measure at 12 inches long. Weighs approximately 10 pounds total.

Each product is made to order.

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Bring the amber waves of grain to an event near you. The Tabletop Wheat Display lets you introduce consumers to one of America’s top row crops with an engaging display.

Wheat is the #3 row crop in the U.S., after corn and soybeans. (No shame in being behind those two.) But even at the third-place spot, it’s a major crop. America grows about 10% of all the wheat in the world, after all. So it’s well worth helping consumers learn about it. Not to mention, delicious foods like bread, beer, and cakes use wheat as an ingredient — who wouldn’t like learning about them?

The Tabletop Wheat Display offers fun facts about the wheat industry. People can spin the multicolored wheel to discover fascinating trivia about this staple crop. Each segment holds a fact like, “A bushel of wheat can produce enough flour for 57 pizzas.” Or did you know that North Dakota grows more wheat than any other state? You would if you’d seen this display!

We can also include a series of flip-up doors with trivia questions focused on wheat. That way, your visitors can test their knowledge of wheat — quizzing themselves with the questions on the doors, then raising the doors to check the answers below.

Decisions, Decisions

So you have plenty of options for this display. The text and graphics are fully customizable, of course. But you also get to choose whether you’d like the single-sided or the double-sided version of the display. The pictures here show a single-sided version with the fact wheel, but you can have the wheel, the flip-up doors, or both.

We originally designed this display for North Dakota Farm Bureau to bring to school programs. That makes it an obvious choice for fairs and other events as well. Its small size and light weight make it easy to bring the Tabletop Wheat Display from place to place. And, thanks to its stabilizing feet, it can stand independently.

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