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Commodity-to-Product Display
The Make the Match display on a white background.

We designed this three-sided display about agriculture products to show the connections between agriculture and everyday products. The display features rotating wheels with images of animals, plants, and consumer goods.  People spin the wheels until they match the ag commodity to the products sourced from it.

For example, one set of photos starts with a picture of some juicy strawberries. That image matches to two other photos of foods made from strawberries. One photo shows a jar of strawberry jam, and the other shows an ice cream sundae topped with strawberry syrup.

If people can’t figure out a given match, there’s a fall-back.  The color-coordinated frame around each picture will show them when they’ve correctly matched the product to the commodity.

Each of the three wheels on each side includes photos for three different commodities. So in total, the display spotlights fifty-four agriculture-based products and twenty-seven ag commodities. That’s a lot! But, of course, it barely scratches the surface of all the ways agriculture impacts daily life.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for the Indiana Farm Bureau.

  • Rotating wheels
  • Photos of commodities & products
  • Wood paneling
  • Scuff-guard laminate

Client: Indiana Farm Bureau

Categories: Ag Economics, Agricultural Display, Child Exhibit, Crop Production, Farm Bureaus, Interactive Exhibit

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