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Lifelike Plant Models

Lifelike Corn Plant ModelWant to buy your own lifelike plant models? Contact us for purchasing options.

Probably some of the most eye-catching elements of Exhibit Farm’s trade show booth are these lifelike plant models. Although designed and built for other uses as well, these artificial plants are the perfect accessory for an agricultural booth. Whether your group would use them to display the qualities of a healthy plant or to bring attention to the appearance of nutrient deficient crops, these plants can be customized to fit your needs. These Exhibit Farm-made plants have served as a useful learning tool for groups including state commodity associations and fertilizer companies. Plant types pictured here include corn plants, soybean plants, and sugarbeets, but Exhibit Farm has the tools to make any kind of plant that you have a need for.

Project Description

The creative concepts for these displays were first developed for Southwest Tech, Michigan Soybean, AgroLiquid, and Michigan Sugar.

  • Artificial soybean plants
  • Artificial corn plants
  • Artificial sugarbeets

Client: Exhibit Farm

Categories: Trade Show

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