Pick-A-Plant Promo

It turns out not everyone can easily identify the plant their favorite fruits come from. But we’ve got a fruit matching game that can help with that.

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Fruit Does Not Grow on Grocery Stands

The first time that most consumers see a banana is when it’s sitting on the produce shelf of a grocery store. Very few actually see strawberries before they get packed into a carton. And only a select number actually pick their blueberries directly from the bush.

Because of their limited exposure to fruit in its natural habitat, consumers forget that every fruit they love grows on a specific plant. They forget that each of these plants come with specific attributes that make the fruit what it is. But we can keep people from subconsciously believing that their fruit grows on the grocery stands. All it takes is a little fruit matching game and some plant pictures.

Teaching Plant Types

To remedy the issue posed by the limited understanding of the origins of particular fruits, we created a fun fruit matching game. This game has its home in the children’s section of the AgroLiquid IQhub.

This game challenges visitors to match various fruit types to the image of the correct plant. A large wooden crate stores toy versions of each fruit. Above the crate is a mural containing pictures of four different fruit plants. To play, players place a fruit into the slot below the image they think matches it. An RFID reader scans the fruit as it falls through the slot. The RFID reader will then indicate whether or not the visitor is correct. After the fruit has fallen onto the conveyor belt, players can manually turn the unit to redirect the fruit into the storage crate.

A fun knowledge-based game for both kids and adults, this interactive unit can help visitors learn some basic agriculturally relevant facts that will give them a more accurate perspective on the fruit they get from the grocery store.