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Exhibit Farm Highlights: 2018 in Review


2018 in Review PromoIt’s hard to believe that another year is already over. And, man, what a year it was. A lot happened here at Exhibit Farm in 2018. So, as we continue to push forward into this new year, we want to take a minute to recap the old one. Join us as we look back on everything that our customers helped us achieve over the past 12 months, both here at our headquarters and in fields throughout the country.


1. We reached new states.

This year, our website received visitors from every state in the country and became especially popular with visitors from California and Illinois, not to mention all those folks from our home state of Michigan. Our products spread to new states too, traveling for the first time to Georgia, Nebraska, and Iowa, among others. After Michigan, Missouri holds the record for housing the most Exhibit Farm customers.

2. We reached new fields.

2018 introduced us to a number of new agricultural commodities. Our designers and research team worked on products specifically designed for groups representing corn, dairy, soybeans, beef, and pork for the first time. We worked with a variety of groups, including a state department of agriculture, a county fair group, a town’s chamber of commerce, and state and county farm bureaus. 

Exhibit Farm Pinterest Page

3. We grew our website.

In addition to regularly increasing the number of custom products in our online portfolio, we also added eleven products to our catalog. That’s almost one a month! Our blog saw substantial expansion as well, growing by 50 posts in just one year. These posts included a popular series on monthly food holidays and six posts in our state spotlight series. The most-visited blog post of 2018 was actually a post published near the end of 2017 called “Agricultural Illiteracy and Why It’s a Problem.” In the online catalog, the most-viewed product of the year was our impressive soybean nutrient deficiency models. The most popular custom product was the mobile agriculture exhibit trailer we made for the Genesee County Farm Bureau. 

4. We grew on social media.

On Facebook, our number of page likes increased by 15% and the number of videos on our YouTube channel grew by 75%. We also started a business page on LinkedIn, where you can go to meet and connect with some of our team members. Meanwhile, our number of Instagram followers hit 165 and our Pinterest account achieved an average of 2.1k viewers per month. Speaking of Instagram and Pinterest, you can check out both of those platforms to read all 37 of the inspirational farming quotes we posted in 2018. And keep in mind that there are more to come this year!

Commodity Classic 2019

5. We took some big steps.

All this is is great, but the most important thing about this past year has been that we’ve set ourselves up for success in 2019. Not only do we have some big projects in the works for customers new and old, but we’re also prepping ourselves to attend our first major event as Exhibit Farm. Last year, we signed up as exhibitors for the 2019 Commodity Classic trade show in Orlando, Florida, and we’re excited to head down there next month with our brand new trade show booth! We anticipate that this step will be crucial for the growth of our business moving forward. It’s sure to bring us into a lot of new fields in 2019. That’s why this event will probably be one of our top Exhibit Farm highlights of 2019.

Who knows what 2019 will bring, but if it’s anything like last year, we’d call that quite a success. So put your boots on and join us for another crazy awesome year of spreading agricultural literacy one exhibit at a time!