We’ve almost made it: the end of February is in sight. And that means we’re just days away from the 2020 Commodity Classic trade show! We had a blast at last year’s Commodity Classic and can’t wait to see what this year’s brings. We know there’ll be lots of farmers, agribusinesses, and farm bureau leaders to network with — our favorite part of any ag-focused gathering.

Will you be there? If so, we’ll be at Booth #2859 and we’d love to meet you too (or catch up since last year). If you can’t make it, though, don’t worry. Keep scrolling and you’ll find photos of some of the nifty ag education tools we’re bringing to the show. They’re more engaging in person, for sure, but we don’t want you to feel totally left out. Enjoy this preview of our new displays!

A standup display, showing magnetic map and video monitor, designed to educate consumers about the crop diversity of a given state

We originally developed the Local Ag Commodities Display for the state of Missouri. But since the 2020 Commodity Classic will be in Texas, we’ve built a version just for Texas! Whether you’re from Texas or not, we think you’ll learn some interesting trivia about the state’s top ag commodities. For example, did you know that Texas raises more horses than Kentucky?

Lifelike Sugarbeet Model

Our hyper-realistic sugar beet models were a hit at the 2019 Commodity Classic. We expect they will be at this show too, since everybody seems to like getting to pick up and touch a replica of an unfamiliar ag product. That’s also why we’ll bring our signature artificial plants along too. Whether it’s soybeans or corn, they always make a big impression on the people who know what the real thing looks like — and on the people who don’t, too.

Tabletop Dairy Cow Standup

This cute little cow is a trade show favorite. With trivia on both sides in two different formats, she’s ready to engage multiple visitors at once. One side has these intriguing questions, with the answers hidden under the panels, and the other side simply has fun facts on a wheel that you can spin to learn more. And one big perk for our trade show team is that she’s pretty portable: compact in size and much lighter than a real cow.

Both halves of the corn kernel model, showing the graphics on the inside

Last but certainly not least, we have another new product we’re bringing to the Commodity Classic for the first time.  This oversized model of a corn kernel shows what and where the different parts of a kernel are. It also shows which parts are used by which common consumer goods. And like the sugar beets, it combines accuracy, tactile appeal, and light weight.  Not bad for a corn kernel that’s hundreds of times larger than the real thing.

Challenge question: anybody remember our booth number? If not, that’s okay; we can tell you. It’s 2859, right on the end of an aisle. You won’t be able to miss us. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!