3D Pull-Apart Corn Kernel

  • Person assembling the pull-apart corn kernel model
  • Person fitting the pericarp piece onto the corn kernel model
  • Person fitting the hull piece onto the corn kernel model
  • Both halves of the pull-apart corn kernel model side by side
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  • Person holding the completed corn kernel model

3D Pull-Apart Corn Kernel


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Students and consumers can pull apart this magnetic corn kernel model to understand the structure of a corn kernel. One half of the model disassembles into three pieces representing the embryo, the polycarp, and the hull of the kernel.

Hollow plastic with vinyl graphic, sculpted and painted in-house. Measures 11 inches tall by 8 inches wide at widest point. Weighs approximately 2 pounds.

Each product is made to order.

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You probably know what’s inside a corn kernel. But many consumers don’t. That’s where having a pull-apart corn kernel model comes in handy. It lets you easily explain the different parts of a corn kernel and what each part does. And that can help you talk about dozens of other things — the hard work it takes to grow corn, all the products you can make from it, and so on.

We originally designed this model so the DeKalb County Farm Bureau could teach elementary school kids about corn. During school presentations, they usually give the kids real corn kernels to dissect. Learning about all the different parts of a corn kernel helps the students appreciate how complex corn is.

DeKalb County knew their dissection activities were engaging, but they were also looking for a backup. They wanted to have a perfect specimen, with all the parts clearly distinguished. That way, if any of the kids messed up their real kernel, they could still see what the inside of a corn kernel looks like.

We’d already developed a 3D model of a corn kernel. But when we heard what DeKalb County needed, we realized we’d need to create a pull-apart model with even more detail.

Creating an Accurate Model of a Corn Kernel

In the design we came up with, one side of the pull-apart corn kernel model is solid. It has graphics showing how the kernel’s pieces fit together, with labels for each part. The other half of the kernel is the pull-apart half. It’s made of three detachable pieces that nest inside each other. Magnets hold each of them to the solid half.

Just like in a real kernel, the seed embryo is the smallest piece. The pericarp, which contains nutrients for the embryo, arches over it. Lastly, the hull fits over both the pericarp and the embryo, protecting the inside of the kernel.

The model’s durable plastic can stand up to plenty of handling and transporting.  Its size and its light weight make it easy to bring to schools, trade shows, fairs, and any other event where you want to impress people with an exhibit that’s both educational and interactive.


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