3D Egg

  • Both halves of the 3D egg replica.
  • 3D_Egg_06_opt
  • Side view of the yolk half, showing the 3D yolk and labels.
  • Two hands holding the yolk half of the egg replica.
  • Top view of the labels showing different parts of the egg replica.
  • 3D egg replica closed (both halves together).

3D Egg


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This larger-than-life replica of an egg shows the major parts of the egg’s internal structure. The replica’s realistic 3D details help kids get a hands-on understanding of how the different parts work together. Numbers identifying each part make it easy for educators to check people’s knowledge with quizzes.

Sculpted from HDU foam. Measures approximately 13 inches long by 9 inches wide.

Each product is made to order.

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Eggs — one of the most common and most accessible forms of protein. And one of the most versatile, too. Those small packages of gold-and-white goodness take equally well to savory frittatas, sweet cakes, or simple appetizers. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean people understand all the complexity of an egg. That’s where this realistic 3D replica of an egg comes in handy.

Michigan Poultry asked for this replica in order to give consumers an understanding of what an egg looks like on the inside. Usually, if you crack an egg, it’s not easy to see the different parts of an egg. This replica makes them easy to identify — with much less mess, too.

Identifying the Parts of an Egg

Similar to our 3D model of a corn kernel, we labeled all the parts on the egg model. But unlike the corn kernel, we didn’t write the name of each part. We labeled the egg with numbers, which means the answers (showing which part goes with which number) have to be on a separate sheet.

That way, Michigan Poultry can use the model to quiz students in a classroom activity without giving away the answers. With nine separate structures labeled, it’s a good challenge for both kids and adults.

The Parts of the Egg

Like our other 3D models, the egg replica splits easily into two halves. One side features the dome-like yolk and the graphics labeling all the different parts. The other side contains a large divot that lines up with the first side’s yolk, meaning the two halves fit together seamlessly. (Unlike Humpty Dumpty, you can always put this egg together again.)

When it’s closed, the realistic 3D egg replica can sit on a stand that holds it together. But when it’s open — letting people get a hands-on feel for its structure — that’s when the magic really happens.

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