Yellow graphic; text reads "Poultry-Themed Photo Op: A Chicken Photo Op Board"

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We always keep that proverb in mind, since our work involves making visual tools to help people learn about agriculture. Our clients often have it in mind, too; they’re hiring us to create those visual learning aids for them, after all. But the proverb doesn’t just apply to education.

Why is taking pictures on vacation such a common habit, for instance? “Having something to remember the trip by” is one of the big reasons.

If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know one of their favorite ways to get vacation pictures is photo boards. You know what we’re talking about — those boards with fun graphics and holes cut out for your smiling faces to peek through. When we got a request to make a photo op board, though, it didn’t feature the usual pirates, mermaids, or snowmen. It featured chickens, instead.

(See the portfolio page in our custom products section for extra photos of the photo op board.)

Why a Photo Op about Chicken?

Our client for the chicken photo op was a college in Georgia. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College focuses mostly on agriculture (as you might have guessed from the name). In addition to offering four-year degrees, it also hosts the Georgia Museum of Agriculture on its grounds. The museum explores the history of 19th-century agriculture in the Peach State. With restored houses, a blacksmith’s forge, and model farm, it’s quite the immersive experience.

But the museum doesn’t just want to talk about historical agriculture. It runs a series of programs called Destination Ag that introduce elementary students to modern agriculture. With modules covering everything from pollinators or careers in agriculture to sheep farming or the “farm to fridge” process, Destination Ag provides a lot of information.

Of course, the museum wants its programs to be fun, too. And that’s where the chicken photo op comes in.

Closeup on face cutouts of the chicken photo op
Photos to Share and Remember

Everybody likes getting their picture taken with a fun face cutout board. And since chickens/eggs are Georgia’s #1 ag commodity, it’s fitting for them to be the theme of this photo board.

We created a photo op with cute graphics of a chicken, a chick, and a farmer. Each of them has a hole for people’s faces, so kids and teachers can take a photo to remember their class trip to a Destination Ag program. It encourages participation, and if anybody shares the photo on their social media, Destination Ag gets free advertising. And with such a cheery board, why not share the photos?