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``Sustainable Agriculture`` Interactive Globe
Interactive Globe

Modern agriculture needs to continue developing more efficient farming techniques. Not many consumers recognize this need. But the amount of food needed for the world increases as earth’s population grows. And today’s farming methods won’t be enough to feed the swelling population of 2050.

This “Feeding the Nine Billion” display, a large interactive globe in the AgroLiquid IQhub, provides visitors with a visual perspective on population growth. Fiberoptic lights in the globe illuminate as visitors click three buttons. The lights show the different densities of the population at different points in recent history and the projected population for 2050.

Reflecting recent evaluations of current productivity in the agricultural sector, a fourth button shows the percentage of the future population that farmers will be able to feed if they fail to develop new and improved systems in order increase agricultural output.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for AgroLiquid’s IQhub.

  • Large acrylic sphere
  • Fiber optic lights
  • Wood and metal base
  • Sign with graphic and overhang

Client: AgroLiquid

Categories: Ag Economics, Interactive Exhibit, Sustainable Ag

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