As predicted, February hasn’t been the best month weather-wise up here in central Michigan. The past few weeks of snow storms, sub-zero temperatures, and icy roads have made us all the more eager for next week’s trip down to Florida for the 2019 Commodity Classic convention and trade show. In our opinion, the Commodity Classic folks couldn’t have picked a better place to bring us for a week of networking with friends in the ag industry!

Full Exhibit Farm Booth

Before we packed up the booth and shipped off our enormous crates, we took a few closeup snapshots of the stuff we’ve got in there. So, for for those of you who will be joining us in Florida next week, here’s some of the features you have to look forward to! For everyone who won’t be there, consider this your exclusive virtual tour of our Commodity Classic booth.

Corn Countertop Closeup

In the past, we’ve covered countertops with metal shavings. For our purposes in this show, however, we decided to channel our farming heritage and use our booth counter to represent King Corn. So we filled the top with kernels and glued them down. And yes, it’s real corn.

Exhibit Farm PanelPACKs

Custom-made for the show, these PanelPACK towers display images of some of our favorite past projects while also showcasing the unique and modern look of our stacking towers. A monitor plays an assortment of videos from our YouTube channel

Exhibit Farm Booth Displays

We had a lot of favorite displays to choose from, but we ended up going with these two classics: our GMO standup and the tabletop dairy cow. Visitors to our booth will have a chance to get their hands on these two interactive displays and see how they feel and function.

Exhibit Farm Display Crate

These completely original crates, made specifically for our booth, show off our chic logo using rustic elements. In our booth, these crates serve as tables or counters to hold up our displays and other materials.

And, last but not least, we have this “Farm Fun” remake of our very popular trivia game units. With our game, visitors will be able to test their knowledge about everything agriculture, from dairy to sorghum to food holidays. If you’re coming to the Commodity Classic, be sure to find your way to our booth to give this game a test run! The cartoonish visual and audio effects accompanied by some fun farm trivia will make it worth your visit.

Of course, the stuff we highlight here is just a selection of the items we will have for you to look at in our booth. To find out what other favorite displays we’re bringing along in our bag of tricks, you’ll just have to come and see! Of course, if you can’t make it down to Florida, be sure to check our Instagram for occasional photo updates.