Beef Cow Display Promo

Sometimes a simple sign just isn’t enough to catch someone’s eye. That’s why the Missouri Beef Council wanted something fun and colorful to help them spread the word about the beef industry.

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Bring Your Own (Fake) Cow

When you go to fairs, trade shows, and other agricultural events, it’s not always customary to bring along your own beef cow and accompanying expert in beef facts. Granted, it sometimes is. But for those occasions when it is not, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to this display that we designed and created to meet the Missouri Beef Council’s needs, we now have a unit that combines beef cattle visuals and information in a single display. No real cattle required.

One side of this two-sided display holds a colorful fact wheel packed with information about, cattle, beef farmers, and the beef industry. A single screw holds the wheel in place. Users can easily remove the screw in order to change out the wheel for one with a new set of facts. This feature has allowed the Missouri Beef Council to personalize the facts to the specific demographic of the audience at any given event.

The other side of the display serves as an informal beef cattle quiz. A set of panels presents questions related to beef and the industry. When lifted, the panels reveal the answers that users can then add to their growing store of agricultural knowledge. Hidden magnets keep the panels securely closed when they are not being lifted. This keeps the text beneath the panels concealed from folks who really want to test their knowledge before reading the correct answers.

Beef Wheel Assembly
Almost Better than a Real Cow

It’s smaller than a life-sized beef cow (and it’s flat, unlike cattle). But this cow-shaped display is big enough to catch the eye. The real genius of this unit, however, is the fact that it succeeds in being big without being cumbersome. The parts are engineered to be lightweight. Our craftsmen succeeded in doing this by honeycombing the interior of the display to remove excess material. The display also disassembles into a few smaller pieces, making it easier to carry from one ag event to the next.

Although we can’t honestly say that this 2D version of a cow is actually better than a real cow, you can’t quite deny that this fun and colorful presentation of beef facts in combination with the easy-to-transport features almost makes it better. In some ways, at least. Especially since you can take this cow places that the real ones can’t go. And that includes the back of your car.