Brown graphic. Text reads, "Engaging Educational Environments: Exhibit Tents for Outdoor Education."

It may still be cold in many parts of the U.S. right now, but spring and summer will be here before you know it. With warmer weather come fairs, field days, and other outdoor events where agriculture gets a chance to shine. And nothing helps outdoor education programs like a good exhibit tent.

Why is that? Because depending on where you are, the warm weather might be just as challenging (in different ways) as the cold weather. The sun beating down can be uncomfortable, or even dangerous for visitors sensitive to dehydration or heatstroke.

So, one way to make your booth more attractive to visitors is to provide shade in your display area. And with exhibit tents, you can keep the education going even while you offer people a break.

What an Educational Exhibit Tent Needs

A good educational exhibit tent needs to check a couple boxes. It should be full of engaging exhibits, for starters. The tent’s designed to share info, after all, whether it’s the specs of your company’s latest product or the facts about a particular area of agriculture. And the exhibits you use to explain that info should be unique, memorable, and eye-catching.

Secondly, everything people see in your tent should relate to its theme. (It helps if the displays have a consistent visual theme, too.) That creates an immersive space that directs your visitors’ thoughts towards the subject you want to help them learn about.

South Carolina Farm Bureau's tent set up with all exhibits

Now, you can get generic tents at just about any outdoor supply store. But to really stand out, you’ll probably want your tent itself to reflect your branding. That also adds to the immersive environment we were talking about earlier. And creating a custom, unique appearance for your area makes it more fun for people to visit.

So what does this look like in practice? Let’s look at a past Exhibit Farm project to see.

One Farm Bureau’s Outdoor Exhibit Tent

When we created an exhibit tent for South Carolina Farm Bureau (SCFB), they were shifting to outdoor education in order to comply with COVID-19 regulations. But they didn’t just want a stopgap solution. They wanted a high-quality exhibit tent they could use well into the future.

To reinforce their branding, SCFB asked us to put their logo on certain walls, a custom banner on the front, and so on. They also wanted the tent’s graphics to match the educational exhibits inside. Fortunately, our designers were already working on custom graphics for the displays, so it was no sweat to design the tent’s exterior in a similar style.

The tent’s three-sided design provided plenty of shade, while also allowing air and foot traffic to circulate freely. The bright, colorful graphics and the displays/games made the tent a fun place that appealed to kids (the target audience). In other words, it was the perfect solution for SCFB’s needs.

Think your events could benefit from an exhibit tent too? We’re always happy to help 😉