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Barnside Videos: A Barn Wall TV Mount


As a part of a fair display upgrade for the Indiana Farm Bureau, we designed and created a barn wall TV mount structure to be the centerpiece of a small theater area in the farm bureau display.

Barn Theater Post Promo(You can view this agricultural exhibit on our custom products page.)


Fair Display Upgrades

Fairs are a naturally convenient outlet for agricultural community educators to reach out to local consumers. For the Indiana Farm Bureau, the Indiana State Fair is no exception. During the Indiana State Fair, the Indiana Farm Bureau sets up their displays in a building on the fairgrounds. Here, farm bureau staff work with fair attendees. They share information about the farm bureau and teach visitors about the state’s agricultural industry.

The Indiana Farm Bureau was intending to get an upgrade on their fair displays. They were also hoping to find some new additions to their display collection. So they contacted us and asked us to help them make these improvements. We got our creative juices flowing and came up with a few ideas for new additions, one of which was this fun theater setup.


It Looks Rustic but It Also Has Four Giant Screens

For the barn wall theater, we designed and built a barn-shaped structure that could mount four large TV screens. We designed the barn to be easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.

The barn wall TV mount structure is made primarily of wooden boards. We wrapped the structure in a graphic of weathered wood, which gives it a rustic look. Metal hinges connecting the various pieces simplify collapsing and moving the structure. The base of the barn also comes with large compartments that can be used for extra storage space. The four monitors that the barn supports serve as one big screen. The video footage is programmed to split across them. Visitors can sit on rustic benches in front of the screens to watch the short informational films produced by the farm bureau.