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Recommended Resource: Identifying Cattle (An Exhibit Farm Video)


This month, we have a recommended resource for you.  It’s an Exhibit Farm original. 

We were curious about cows. So we decided to do some research comparing the giveaway traits of beef and dairy cattle. Our research led us to some articles about cattle breeds and bovine cattle types, and they had some pretty good pointers for acquainting yourself with your friendly neighborhood cattle. Using the information in these articles, we compiled some of the most helpful clues for identifying the friendly bovines. The result is what you’ll find in the video. It may not be about GMOs, but this lesson in identifying cattle can still serve as yet another helpful tool for bridging the gap between consumers and the world of agriculture.

Because, after all, it’s often the simplest questions that make the biggest difference. Just by knowing this one little fact, consumers can begin to feel like they have a part in the world of agriculture. Plus, the little facts build up. Knowing one thing will lead to another, which will lead to another.

And, ultimately, this knowledge will lead to a new relationship with the agricultural industry. Rather than feeling like unintelligent or simply uninformed outsiders, consumers who seek out the answers to the simple questions can feel like a part of the family. And they’re right, in a way. We’re all affected by what happens on the farm, after all, because every single one of us needs to eat. Fun facts about farming just serve to unite us even more, giving consumers a better appreciation for their steak dinners, dairy delights, and other products of the agricultural industry.

So please, join us. We’d love to have you along on this little foray into the world of cattle. You too can be a well-informed country road driver, and we hope you’ll share this with others to help them become one too.