Artificial Crimson Clover

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  • Model of clover flowers.
  • Closeup of the crimson clover model's root system.
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Artificial Crimson Clover



  • We made sure to include those distinctive flowers on our lifelike model of crimson clover. We also included a cutaway view of the soil and root system. Considering how important the root system is for both nitrogen fixation and erosion control, we wanted to be sure to highlight it. Our model’s details are highly accurate, from the blossoms to the leaves to the roots. Its engraved label identifies the plant, for those who don’t recognize it. It also includes a few bullet points of info about how its nitrogen-fixing and soil-securing abilities benefit the soil.
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  • Assembled Size: 7” x 20”
  • Boxed Size: Determined at time of shipping
  • Weight: Determined at time of shipping
  • Material: Fabric leaves with wire base. Model sits inside a clear acrylic tube.
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