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Turnip Townshend Display
Turnip Townshend Display 01

We came up with an interesting way to talk about one of the most important figures in the history of crop rotation at the AgroLiquid IQhub. And all it took was a big box-like structure with some hands-on gear.

On one side of the display’s sloping “tabletop” is an image of a dude dressed up in full 18th century style. This dude is Charles Townshend (also known as Turnip Townshend). Beneath some informational text about this guy is a slick silver button. It’s like the painting was made specifically for us because Mr. Townshend just so happens to be pointing right at the fancy button with his finger. At the push of this button, focused audio plays, presenting visitors with further information about Mr. Townshend and his crop rotation method.

The other side of the sloping “tabletop” features a circular collage of images. The images are of four crops. These represent some of the crop varieties that farmers can plant in a rotation of crops. This circle attaches to a wheel that visitors can turn, allowing them to bring forward each of the individual crops and virtually “rotate” through the four crops.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for AgroLiquid’s IQhub.

  • Large podium
  • Images and text
  • Button to initiate informational audio
  • Rotating image wheel

Client: AgroLiquid

Categories: Ag Science, Agricultural History, Interactive Exhibit, Sustainable Ag

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