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Planting Technology Display
Planting technology display with the panels open to show the roots of the artificial corn plants

Our clients at Ag Leader, a precision ag company, had recently launched a new product in their planting technology line. SureForce, their new system, helps ensure consistent planting depths no matter what the field conditions are. It’s also more responsive than older airbag planting systems, meaning it can adapt instantly when it senses different conditions.

To demonstrate SureForce’s effectiveness, Ag Leader ran a series of field trials. Data from the first batch of trials was hot off the presses when we started working with them, so Ag Leader saw an opportunity to explain their data unforgettably.  Rather than only publicizing the results through social media or documents, they asked us to create a custom display they could use to show off SureForce’s difference.

Using data from Ag Leader’s field trials, we crafted four artificial corn plants of different sizes. Two of them, representing the plants planted with SureForce technology, are larger and healthier than the plants just one row over (planted with airbags).

Our designers created a display unit with two levels. The tops of the corn plants are always visible, but the roots are hidden behind sliding panels. Visitors can pull back the panels to see the differences in the root systems. The extra layer of interactivity makes the display that much more engaging.

With their new planting technology display, Ag Leader can show stakeholders and potential customers the effects of their technology much more memorably.

Project Description

The creative concept for this display was first developed for Ag Leader.

  • Four artificial corn plants with roots
  • Sliding panels
  • Information panels

Client: Ag Leader

Categories: Ag Science, Agribusiness, Agricultural Exhibit, Cash Crops, Crop Production, Interactive Exhibit, Lifelike Reproduction

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